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Brelil Style Yourself Thermic Protector Spray

  • Style Yourself Thermic Protector Spray — a thermal protection hair spray developed by the specialists at Brelil to ensure your curls remain undamaged during styling with hairdryers or straighteners. Experts recommend using this versatile beauty product on any hair type. It provides both styling and intensive, comprehensive care thanks to its content of valuable natural ingredients. For instance, the proteins included in the formula possess powerful restorative natural energy. They smooth out the hair strands, making them strong and silky soft.

    Key Features of Brelil Style Yourself Thermic Protector Spray:

    - Boasts a light, non-sticky consistency that leaves no residue on the curls;
    - Offers thermal protection up to 230°C;
    - Secures the hairstyle all day without weighing down or sticking the strands together;
    - Maintains the natural flexibility and elasticity of the curls, preventing tangling, static, and frizz;
    - Contains a complex of plant proteins, which serve as building materials for the hair;
    - Proteins strengthen the strands, making them dense, elastic, and voluminous;
    - Easily washes out during hair washing.