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Ceferina Alpin Rose Duo


How to Use
Cleanse hair with Alpin Rose Shampoo Step 1 Lightly towel-dry the hair

Divide hair 2 panels at de base / 2 panels at the top.

The length of the client’s hair determines how much solution to use:

Short hair: ½ oz

Medium hair: ¾ oz

Long hair: 1 oz.

Apply Alpin Rose Blowout.

1/4¨ to 1/2¨wide sections: (Apply ARB 1/4¨to 1/2¨ OFF scalps. Comb fine tooth comb

Wait Time to:

30 Minutes powerful anti frizz.

60 Minutes smooth spectacular.

When you’re finished wait time rinse the hair (do not shampoo) with warm water for 1 to 2 minutes.

Blow-dry: When the hair is 100 percent dry and as smooth as possible, it’s time for the most important step—the flat iron process.

Flat iron from root to end.

1/8¨ to 1/4¨size sections.

Pass over each section at least 7 to 9 times ( Higher Heat more tensións)

Alpin rose Reconstruct AT HOME: 1 one a week to keep the smoother and shine hair