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Dompel Nomad Reclining Styling Chair - Square Base


Nomad gives us the possibility of being everywhere. To open our eyes to new horizons. Classic and comfortable, Nomad styling chair rescues the robust features of straight-line design armchairs. Sophistication, refinement and comfort that easily fit into all salons and/or barbershops.

Backrest: Nomad Syling Chair has a headrest with height adjustment, in addition to a gas reclining backrest system operated by a chromed steel side lever. It perfectly adapts to the professional's needs;

Armrest: Nomad's armrest structure is built in wood and it has an upholstered finishing, providing greater comfort during use;

Upholstery: Its upholstery made with foams, fabrics, seams and exclusive edging details make Nomad a comfortable chair, with great durability and exquisite style;

Structure: Its tubular steel structure provides greater durability, originally Brazilian, Nomad is built in our factory and undergoes rigorous quality and resistance tests;

Finishing: Nomad Styling Chair has in its chrome finishing great resistance and protection during use, in addition to providing greater refinement and elegance to the environment;

Footrest: Structure in chromed tubular steel, Nomad's footrest is spacious and comfortable;

Base: It has a non-slip chrome square base that provides greater grip and stability. Its hydraulic system ensures precision during height and brake adjustment;

Maximum weight capacity: 375 lbs