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Dompel Square Make Up Styling Chair


Square Make Styling Chair allies comfort, exclusive design and durability to help makeup, micropigmentation, eyebrow and hair activities. It allows the client to sit and / or lie down during the procedures, giving more possibilities for use by the beauty professional.

Backrest: Square Make has a height-adjustable headrest, in addition to a gas reclining backrest system with chrome-plated steel side handle. It adapts perfectly to the beauty professional's needs;

Armrest: Square Make's hollow armrest structure is made of steel, coated with high-strength polymer and finishing in the same color as the upholstery, providing an elegant and distinctive design to the beauty environment;

Upholstery: Its upholstery made with laminated foams of high density and modern design, make Square an extremely comfortable chair, of great durability and unique style;

Finishing: Square Make Styling Chair is available in four colors and it combines in its finishing plastic, upholstery and metal materials, giving an exclusive, modern and elegant look;

Leg Rest: For greater customer comfort and for the beauty professional ergonomics, Square Make Styling Chair has a leg rest with pneumatic pump operation, ensuring an adjustable range of up to 90°;

Base: It has square base non-slip chrome, providing greater grip and stability. Its hydraulic system guarantees precision during height and brake adjustment;

Maximum weight capacity: 375lbs