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Gelish Vitagel


Vitagel® LED/UV Light Cured Nail Strengthener VitaGel’s intensive soft gel formula is the most effective nail strengthening regimen yet. The micro-suspension technology stores molecules of vitamins A, B5 and E within the exclusive gel formula for a continuous release of nutrients into the nail bed for up to 14 days. The combination of vitamins is specially formulated for the ongoing absorption of keratin into the nail plate.

• Strengthens natural nails. The protective layer prevents splits, chips and peeling, and increases flexibility

• Enriched with Vitamins A, B5 & E to encourage healthy nail growth and flawless wear

• Extends wear of any nail lacquer from 2-3 days to 7-10 days

• Easy to apply and remove

• Versatile wear. To strengthen, can be applied: - Alone, for a clear finish, under any nail lacquer, or under any gel polish


Vitagel® Strength FORMULATED TO MAINTAIN NATURAL NAILS Strengthens & protects natural nails. Perfect for maintaining healthy nails. Eliminates peeling of the natural nail and gives you a strengthening base for any nail lacquer. 01150 15 mL - 0.5 Fl. Oz.

Vitagel® Recovery Maximum Strength Formula Enriched formula fortifies & repairs damaged nails. Great for people who are trying to repair and grow out their nails from acrylic use. All of the benefits of STRENGTH but a thicker formula for weak and brittle nails. Also includes an extra dos